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About Lituanicon

Lituanicon is the oldest gathering in Lithuania of people interested in speculative fiction – fantasy, science fiction, horror. The event is free and organised entirely by volunteers.


When? XXXIV Lituanicon happened (on 2023.10.07), long live the new festival in Autumn, 2024!

Where? Kalvarijų St. 137E, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The one-day convention will draw you into literature, movies, TV series, games and all other fantasy and sci-fi related media. There will be presentations, panel discussions (in English and in Lithuanian) and workshops, as well as a public art gallery, where you will be able to admire amazing fantastical art by community artists. Finally, there will be board games and vintage video games available to play, as well as other activities, where you can meet new people with the same interests as you, and have a fantastic time 🙂

A Short History of Lituanicon

The speculative fiction community in Lithuania has old traditions. It is very symbolic that the very first Lituanicon took place in the same year that Lithuania restored its independence, in 1990. And it has been happening annually ever since.

During this time, Lituanicon has changed enormously. That is perfectly understandable: after all, both the contents and the medium of speculative fiction have evolved, as well as the opportunities of getting acquainted with it. But one aspect of the event has remained constant throughout its history: the desire to bring Lithuanian fans of sci-fi and fantasy into a community.

What might you expect in Lituanicon?

Information on speculative fiction. Information on speculative fiction. Books, movies, games, and music – Lituanicon covers it all! You will encounter this not only during talks, lectures and panel discussions, but also everywhere else.

Hands-on experience. Have you ever wanted to try out board games, computer games or other activities, both new and classic ones? You can do that in Lituanicon! Games of strategy, imagination, virtual reality and even sports await you. Or maybe you would like to write a song? Then step into Lituanicon’s filksing room!

Visions of the future. An important part of Lituanicon is embracing the speculative in speculative fiction. This includes both futurism and wild ideas about the past and the present – for example, what might our world look like if magic replaced technology? Or, on a more serious note, how can we tackle future problems, such as climate change and various new bioethical issues?

Interesting people. Interesting people. Veterans of the community, including writers and other creators, up-and-coming folks with new ideas, and foreign guests!

Competitions and prizes. Various competitions to promote fantasy and sci-fi literature and visual arts are Lituanicon’s tradition. Over the years, Lituanicon’s best short-story contest has been the first platform where a growing number of talented Lithuanian fantasy authors have first shown their work to the world.

The visual arts contest is also a great opportunity to showcase one’s work and win prizes that will allow one to improve as an artist.

And for those who have not yet found a budding artist within themselves, Lituanicon offers a fantasy and sci-fi themed pop quiz, as well as an auction, where you can compete for exclusive vintage fantastical items.