Lituanicon XXXII: DraKonas

In English

About Lituanicon

Lituanicon is the oldest gathering in Lithuania of people interested in speculative fiction – fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc. Literature, movies, TV series, games – the more you look into them, the more you notice how intertwined they are. Books lead to movies, movies to games, games to books (yeah, this happens. Occasionally. Perhaps it’s for the best that it’s only occasionally), and let’s not forget concept music albums about escaping a planet overtaken by a rogue AI.

The speculative fiction community in Lithuania has old traditions. The first Lituanicon took place in the same year that Lithuania restored its independence, that is 30 years ago. And it’s been happening annually ever since.

In these three decades, Lituanicon has changed enormously. That is perfectly understandable: after all, both the contents and the medium of speculative fiction have evolved, as well as the opportunities of getting acquainted with it. But one aspect of the event has remained constant throughout its history: the desire to bring Lithuanian fans of sci-fi and fantasy into a single community.

What might you expect to see and experience in Lituanicon?

Information on speculative fiction. Books, movies, games, as well as general trends. You will find this both during talks/lectures and in discussions with other participants.

Hands-on experience. Ever wanted to try out boardgames, computer games or other activities, both new and classic ones? You can do that! Games of strategy, imagination, virtual reality and even sports await you.

Visions for the future. An important part of Lituanicon is embracing the speculative in speculative fiction. This includes both futurism and wild ideas about the past and the present – for example, how might our world look like if magic replaced technology?

Interesting people. Veterans of the community, including writers and other creators, up-and-coming folks with ideas to talk about, and foreign guests!